Watch MSNBC push for War while FOX shows restraint

UPDATE: A live press conference is happening now from the White House…

What a time to be alive. This morning you could watch MSNBC beat the drums of war while FOX actually showed some healthy skepticism in regards to sending American troops to be, once again, the policeman of the world. Maybe it’ll work this time?

In an earlier clip, Joe Scarborough stated, “It’s hard for me to imagine any presidential candidate not getting politically ripped to shreds in the next political campaign for turning a region back over to ISIS, Iran, to Putin and to Assad, but that’s what he (President Trump) would be doing.”

How can Mr. Scarborough not remember the results of our interventions over the last 17 years? What happened in Iraq and Libya? ISIS.

As of 2:55pm, 69% are voting, “No.”

This (neocon) guy tweeted this in all seriousness…The responses are hilarious:

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