Carter Page Disputes Comey’s Statements

Tonight on The Ingraham Angle, Carter Page said he would prove in court that many of Comey’s statements last night are simply not true. However, you don’t want to miss the opening of Ingraham’s show tonight.

What exactly was Comey’s goal when he briefed President Trump on the discredited Steele Dossier…without telling him who funded said dossier??? Remember, up until after the president was briefed on the dossier, no reputable news outlet would report on it’s unverified (pee pee tape) contents.

“That’s how they could get the existence of the dossier into the mainstream media.”

Rush Limbaugh had his theory for why President Trump was even briefed on the phony Steele Dossier over a year ago and he repeated his thoughts yesterday,

He presented this to the president so that that would become news. That’s how they could get the existence of the dossier into the mainstream media. “The president has been shown this dossier…” It was free and clear to report on the thing. There is nothing new in the Comey book, and that is powerful — and here’s why. If Comey had anything new — if Comey had anything that nobody else knows, if Comey had the bombshell, if Comey had the silver bullet — he would have revealed that in under-oath testimony…

Carter Page segment:

Comey, who says that lying is what bothers him the most…also says the public servant he admires most is James Clapper, they guy who lied to the American people, via Congress, about NSA spying.

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