Could Kanye West help free Julian Assange and Snowden?

I can picture it now. A ticker-tape parade down Broadway on a hot July weekend in New York City…featuring the unlikely duo, Kanye West and President Trump together with the newly released and pardoned Julian Assange and Edward Snowden.

Stranger things have happened. And this is 2018, after all!

As far fetched as this scenario might sound—and let’s be real, “Would anything surprise us these days?”—the first steps towards making at least part of this happen have just been set in motion by another celebrity, Pamela Anderson.

Pamela Anderson has been a friend and confidant of Julian Assange for a number of years. Here is the letter she penned to Kanye West as obtained by TMZ. I would assume that Pamela is also considering the influence Kanye West might have on the president’s thinking.

Pamela Anderson Letter to Kanye West, “Help Julian Assange” by radiopirates1 on Scribd

‘History will look back on him and realise how important he is’:

What do you think? Could it happen?

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