Clips of the Google Tape you Need to See

An hour-plus long video leaked to Breitbart News by an anonymous source shows Google’s top brass unanimously bemoaning the election of President Trump in the most pathetic and predictable ways imaginable. The video features CEO Sundar Pichai, co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, along with an audience of emasculated nerds.

One executive ordered everyone in the audience to participate in a group hug, while another tearfully recounted her feelings as it dawned on her that, “we were going to lose.”

What a ridiculous echo-chamber and a case study in why Trump won! Surely there would even be Hillary voters in attendance that were disgusted by this cloying emotionalism? Anyone? (Maybe that guy at the end of the video?)

This video leaked only days after an email from a senior Google employee revealed that efforts were made (allegedly), within Google, to encourage voter turnout for Hillary Clinton.

I’m holding out hope that the guy at the end of the video was asking his question to illustrate the absurdity of this corporate meeting. To set that up, watch the guy before him read some sort of manifesto on ‘white privilege.’

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