National Review was worse than most on the left regarding Covington High

National Review, known to be a bit of a neoconservative rag these days (despite the fact that founder William F. Buckley repudiated the Iraq War before his death), has a heap big amount of egg on it’s face after one of their top editors posted the following story on their website. Here’s the title, “Covington students might as well have just spit on the Cross,” written by deputy managing editor Nicholas Frankovich.

Thankfully, someone archived the now deleted article. Here are the highlights. National Review has since posted several attempts at an apology on their social media platforms. Needless to say, they are being rightfully ripped a new one in the comments.

It appears that most of the teenagers in this video are from a Catholic high school near Covington, Kentucky, across the Ohio River from Cincinnati. They mock a serious, frail-looking older man and gloat in their momentary role as Roman soldiers to his Christ. “Bullying” is a worn-out word and doesn’t convey the full extent of the evil on display here…

For some of us, the gospel stories of Jesus’s passion and death are so familiar we no longer hear them. The evangelists are terse in their descriptions of the humiliations heaped on Jesus in the final hours before his crucifixion, the consummate humiliation. Read the accounts again or, if you’d rather not, watch the video. The human capacity for sadism is too great…

The man the crowd ridiculed is Nathan Phillips, an elder of the Omaha tribe. He was in Washington for the Indigenous Peoples March, on Friday…According to Phillips, their confrontation with him, in the shadow of the Lincoln Memorial, involved a disagreement about “the wall.” He’s against it. They’re for it. Some of them, including the boy who makes himself the co-star of the video by stepping forward and getting in Phillips’s face, wore “Make America Great Again” hats.

…Decide for yourself who is more pleasing to Christ, Phillips or his mockers. As for the putatively Catholic students from Covington, they might as well have just spit on the cross and got it over with.

Cernovich makes a good point in this Twitter thread that the truth about the situation was available for anyone to see if they cared to look.

Here’s how an honest group of “progressives” covered the story on the Jimmy Dore show. They actually manage to point out that another Native American at the event had positive words for the behavior of the kids. And let’s remember…we are talking about kids!

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