Rachel Redscare Maddow: Putin’s Shutdown

Yesterday, Rachel Maddow actually suggested that Vladimir Putin may be behind the “shutdown” of the U.S. government. Start around 2:42. You can find the video here.

In this case, unlike any other shutdown we have had over any other issue for any amount of time in this case the president seems to have no interest in ending it, and in this case the president who is insisting on the shutdown is the same president who is at the center of the most serious criminal and counter intelligence investigations to ever get anywhere near a sitting US president.

The FBI since Donald Trump has been president, they literally opened a formal investigation to see if they could substantiate if the evidence and behaviors suggested that the president could be acting on behalf of a foreign government, as essentially a foreign government’s agent here in the United States and inside the US Government. And, not just any foreign power, but a hostile foreign power that wants to do us as much harm as possible. And, none of us know what the ultimate dispensation of that counter intelligence case concerning the president has been, or what it will be if it continues…

If Russia did get a US president to act on their behalf against the United States. If you were Russia, what else would you want that president to do at this point? I mean, what would you conceivably want him to do that he has not already done, or at least tried? I mean, how psyched are you for your investment in that guy so far, right? It’s day 33 now. The government is not just a vehicle that has sputtered to a halt, each passing day pours more sugar into the gas tank, making it harder and harder for this thing to ever get running again. 

Insane! However, it’s been fun watching the #Russia obsessed explain away President Trump’s (awful) interventionist stance on Venezuela.

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