The Final Russian Narrative Solution: Humor

At this point, all you can do is laugh at these poor deluded souls pushing a 1950s style McCarthyism in 2019. This tired xenophobic narrative might still pay Rachel Maddow’s bills (she’s paid around $30,000 a day to spout this nonsense), but it’s telling that comedians are starting to play clips of her show during live gigs. No joke. LANGUAGE WARNING:

As many of our readers will already know, the establishment (pro-war) left is already using the #Russia conspiracy narrative to smear candidates and journalists on the left who dare to question status quo foreign policy positions. Will these otherwise intelligent people ever realize that they sound exactly like Dick Cheney pushing the “War on Terror?” Just look at these tweets from a former Daily Show and Letterman writer.

Translation: If you support bringing our troops home from Syria (arguably an illegal war)…or if you oppose President Trump’s threat of military force in Venezuela…you support Putin and therefor, you are PRO WAR! Try wrapping your head around that!

The insanity is endless…

Check this out for more…

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