MSNBC the War Machine Targets Rep. Gabbard

At this point, the curtain has been fully lifted on the war-machine otherwise known as MSNBC. And all it takes to reveal this is a foul-mouthed comedian with a Youtube channel, Jimmy Dore. I was going to do a big write-up with scholarly links and whatnot, but Mr. Dore knocked it out of the park here. At least I got one scholarly link in…Watch the clip below and would you take a moment to share this article and RT?


Caveat Emptor: This is not an endorsement of Rep. Gabbard. I’m covering Rep. Tulsi Gabbard because of her realist (nonintervention) views on foreign policy. If you understand how corrupt our government has become on issues of foreign policy and civil liberties, why would you ever want to centralize even more power in the State? Those of us who blog on the conservative/libertarian side of things, need to understand that socialism is understandably trendy right now in our dumbed down culture. If you are headed down that dark path, let me recommend exploring the free audiobook resources over at Try this if you’re inclined to the classics.

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