The media: On their way to ensuring Trump 2020

4/5/19 UPDATE: Yesterday, protesters on behalf of the #DeepState held rallies in major cities across the U.S. calling for the full release of the Mueller Report. This strikes me as the equivalent of Americans marching in support of finding those WMDs in Iraq—long after Dick Cheney admitted they ‘made a mistake.’ Don’t miss the lyrics below:

Please turn in your hymnals...

(3/25/19) Only an hour ago, Professor Rachel Maddow, looking as if she’d been crying, stared into the camera alongside a graphic of fifteen verbose questions encapsulating her continued skepticism of the conclusions of the thus far released Mueller Report. Move over, Glenn Beck’s chalkboard!

And so the delusion continues on the mainstream networks, but it didn’t have to be this way. As we’ve pointed out, there is a feisty cadre of leftists who’ve been warning about the toxicity of the Russia narrative since even before Donald Trump was elected. However, the only major network that will allow them on is Fox. (Glenn Greenwald was on Fox’s Tucker Carlson show tonight.)

If (a big IF) CNN and MSNBC (and the rest) want to begin the long journey towards recovering their reputations, they need to start having Aaron Maté, (Pulitzer Prize winner) Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi, Max Blumenthal, Michael Tracey on as frequent guests. (I’ll throw in the comedian Jimmy Dore as honorable mention.)

So far, the media is doubling down on their McCarthyism…

The following are posts from some of the above mentioned journalists.

The full video from Democracy Now!

Let's look back at how we got here...

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