Review: Impeach Trump Rallies

(Portland 2019) After asking the around 150 protesters (local media reports 400) to acknowledge that their rally was being held on ‘land stolen from native peoples’, “that created communities and summer encampments along the Columbia River,” Kate, an organizer for “Nasty Women Get Sh*t Done PDX” and “Indivisible Oregon,” launched into an awkward chant.

What do we want?


And when do we want it?


Wait a minute. You’re telling me these protesters can’t even bring themselves to chant, “Impeachment,” full stop? They have to attach the word, “inquiry?” And, yes, the video (scroll down) is like an extra feature from the show Portlandia—including some “musical” numbers from “Occupella.”

If only the organizers could lead an impeachment movement based on an impeachable offence. Say, President Trump’s unconstitutional bombing of Syria? Nope. Instead, many of the architects of this impeachment movement wanted even more bombings and an overthrow of the Syrian government. What an upside down world!

What follows are various reports and videos from the, I like to call them, “Pence For President” rallies held across the country today. LANGUAGE WARNING:


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