Mainstream News Libels Alex Jones

Media organizations from across the political spectrum are smearing Alex Jones with libelous headlines involving “child porn” over the last 48 hours. And, in this case, the truth of the matter is simply buried down further in the somewhat more “honest” articles. Like this little statement…

The FBI is treating Alex Jones as the victim of a crime,” and their investigation has shown that no one from InfoWars had any knowledge that their email accounts contained illegal images…

(As part of a lawsuit) Jones was ordered to send “any and all emails” containing the phrase “Sandy Hook” or “Newton Connecticut” to the lawyers suing him. Jones complied with the court order.
Twelve of the emails sent to a defunct email address that neither Jones nor any employee checked contained illegal images. But the discovery order demanded all emails, and Jones complied.
The media is now reporting that Alex Jones has been sending those illegal images to people, leaving out the context of what actually happened…

The most disturbing part of this story is the fact that blue-checked “journalists” are admitting that the headlines are lies, but are justified because ‘it’s Alex Jones.’ There are a few starting to get it right. However, the damage is done. Where is the ACLU? Where is the lawyer who will sue all of their asses?



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