Opposing Impeachment from the Left

Just as in the Trump/Russia Hysteria, there are a few figures on the left who are not supporting the recent impeachment fever. (I would argue that there is no evidence that the DNC elites have any real stomach for a real impeachment trial. That’s why they attach that innocuous word, “inquiry.”) What follows is a sampling of their thoughts on the matter.

Comedian and former The Young Turks contributor, Jimmy Dore makes a great point here pointing out, with biting sarcasm, that a real whistleblower isn’t embraced by the mainstream media and by prominent members of Congress. A real whistleblower from the CIA, blows the whistle on the CIA, not generally a political figure like the president. Bookmark this video for later, but watch the first minute. *Language Warning:

A great clip of a brave journalist pointing out the hypocrisy inherent in the Hunter Biden narrative.


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