The Senate Should Censure the House over Impeachment

I hereby submit this idea to The Turtle and the rest of the Republicans in the Senate. There’s a long and tedious tradition of either house of Congress passing non-binding resolutions and censures (condemnations) of groups or individuals. Now would be a great time to pass a resolution in the Senate formally censuring the House of Representatives for this sham of an impeachment. I’m sure you can do better than me, but here goes!

Be it Resolved, That the Democratic Leadership of the House of Representatives, as relating to their recent Articles of Impeachment against their President Donald J. Trump, has acted in a way contrary to the Constitution of the United States by employing McCarthyite smears rather than allegations of actual high crimes or misdemeanors. The Democratic Party’s hyper-partisan impeachment of President Trump is just a continuation of their efforts to delegitimize the 2016 election results…In addition, be it resolved that the Democratic Leadership’s pretend “impeachment” of their president is null and void as it was never formally delivered to The Senate of the United States of America.

And for you supposed liberals out there, consider this.

Mike Cernovich and others have pointed out; the impeachment may be null and void if the Democrats follow through on not actually delivering their articles.


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