This Christmas season trigger your Christian friends by reading actual Bible

Go ahead, be that weird guy sitting in Starbucks reading a leather-bound, golden-edged Bible. I don’t remember the exact context, but my pastor gave this advice in a sermon many years ago.

It went something like this, “You’re probably not the kind of guy who would ever be caught dead holding a bible in a public place. Yeah, sure, some of those guys are nuts, but you probably hardly ever even share your faith. Why not humble yourself and just dare to sit in a coffee shop reading scripture for an hour? What’s the harm?”

And the great thing with God’s word is, you can’t really go wrong. Just open it up and start reading. Pretty easy.

Being Christmas time, let me recommend starting with Luke Chapter 1 through the Magnificat of Mary. Keep note of the things you don’t hear in church anymore. Like the concept of “The fear of God.” And, dude, even in the New Testament! This is what Mary said—or, I’d say sang—in response to the news from the angel that she would bare the son of God.

“And His mercy is upon generation after generation
Toward those who fear Him. “

Happy reading…and do it in public with an actual Bible…as punishment or whatever…

Sermons for Advent/The Christmas Season

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