Will media ask Bernie Sanders about violent staff?

As I watched the new videos from James O’Keefe exposing extremely violent rhetoric from a paid Bernie Sanders staffer, I couldn’t stop asking myself, “What if this was a Trump official or even a supporter? Would there be this level of silence from the legacy media?” For those of you who haven’t seen the videos, here’s the complete “Part 2,” and updates down below.

A religious zeal for authoritarianism on the right or the left will always lead to mass violence. It didn’t take long to find a poor deluded soul supporting this violent rhetoric. How boringly normal are these beliefs? Watch this Youtuber defend “reeducation camps.” Again, note how when you define your ideological enemies as “Nazis” you get to justify all manner of violence. Some unbelievable quotes here.

It’s probably not the greatest idea to talk about the f—ing gulag like on video, but at the same time, factually wise, nothing there was really incorrect. What are you suppose to do with MAGA people? Like what are we suppose to do with the “Build the wall dumb motherf—er? Teach them not to be stupid. That’s the whole f—ing point of the progressive, leftist ideology.

Video below.

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