Can feminist buzzwords get Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ republished in academic journals?

Remember the story of the professor who helped create a series of spoof academic papers to satirize the state of postmodern nonsense in academia? Mike Nayna is working on a documentary and it’s looking great. Here’s an update and what you can watch so far.

While I work on a feature-length documentary about “The Grievance Studies Affair”, I intend to update this playlist with extended scenes and short films so that subscribers can track the evolving story along with me. The feature doc is a long term project because of the work required to map out the complex academic landscape and the difficulty I’m having raising funds for such a politically charged subject. I want to understand the issue and large-scale cultural shift associated with it before I complete the project. If you think what I’m doing here is valuable you can support the project here –

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