The Walls are Closing in on ObamaGate Deniers

I really hate to say this to our friends on the left, “Sorry, you don’t get to be an ObamaGate denier.” And by “ObamaGate,” I’m speaking broadly of the RussiaGate narrative; three years of complicated conspiracy theories, charts and graphs connecting Trump officials with “Russians.” (Imagine, for a moment, exchanging that term with, “Jews,” or “Mexicans!” But that’s another topic in regressive behavior.)

Let me be brief. The main reason you don’t get to be an ObamaGate denier, is because the chief critics of the Obama administration’s Russia Hoax are the best and brightest journalists on the left. You need not even check in with Sean Hannity. The following are recent posts by Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone among others. Are these all Putin puppets too?


Glenn Greenwald does a great job pointing out that when liberals embrace RussiaGate, they end up embracing obvious warmongers.


The establishment left should do themselves a favor and put this hoax to rest by acknowledging their complicity in spreading it. As Senator Bernie Sanders pointed out shortly after President Trump was elected. This is a loose quote. ‘The average American doesn’t wake up in the morning worrying about Putin.’ The conspiracy theory was already in bloom during Hillary’s campaign. Are you really going to try to run on this nonsense again?

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