The Edge of Civil War

Yes, it’s hyperbolic to say it, but the sentiment is out there and I’m hearing it from casual friends on the left and right. For those trying to navigate what in the world is going on with the ascendancy of #BlackLivesMatter, I want to introduce you to two professors; a husband and wife formerly from Evergreen State College. They saw the woke mob (literally) take hostage a college campus a few years ago. The parallels with today are haunting. Watch a few minutes of each of theses videos below.

Bret Weinstein begins with a recent conversation he had with a Homeland Security officer based in Portland, OR. The officer reached out to Bret because of his personal experiences with a mob of students who essentially threatened his life a few years ago at Evergreen. Watch a few minutes of this. Their video podcasts are the intellectual frontlines against the building hysteria right now.

When you get a chance, it is essential that you see the documentary made about their experience at Evergreen a few years ago. We are seeing the macro version of this madness now throughout the West. Share this documentary by Mike Nayna widely in order to prepare for what is coming…

For those interested in more, check out Bret and Heather’s responses to today’s disturbing trending hashtag, “#ShutDownSTEM.”

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