What You Need to Know about “Black Lives Matter”

I wish I had more time to form my thoughts on this important topic more precisely, but as I’m traveling, some quick posts will have to suffice. It goes without saying that, yes, there are problems with the militarization of police (and government agencies) and…racism is a sin. Howeveer, it’s a sin that all races have committed throughout the history of humanity. Not just a measly 400 years! What’s going on right now is not about racism. It’s a power grab by self-proclaimed Marxists.

The underlying ideology of Black Lives Matter is no secret. Here, the founder of BLM, Patrisse Cullors, states very clearly, “We’re trained Marxists.” Marxism is defined as, “the political and economic theories of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, later developed by their followers to form the basis for the theory and practice of communism.”

The linguistic framework for these arguments were incubated on college campuses. That’s why so many of us concerned about these attacks on liberal values immediately thought of what unfolded at Evergreen State College a few years ago. The following is a synopsis of those events, but you really need to set aside an hour or so to watch the full documentary by Mike Nayna. That will be posted below the VICE News video. Yeah, VICE used to tell the truth. Who knew?

This Mike Nayna documentary will blow your mind. You can see that we are now seeing this scenario play out throughout the West.

So, what do we do? I’m not really prepared to write on the most important aspect of this…which I believe to be the spiritual implications of all of this. I will say that I believe at the heart of all of these issues is the loss of the Christian doctrine of Imago Dei. In my view, the churches have failed to teach anything of much substance for the last 90 years.

What you can do is document this madness as it unfolds at your university, local school board meetings (and the like), or at your company. You’ll need to learn how to capture the sound and screen of these online meetings because many of the videos get locked and are not downloadable. There are apps available for this. Here is some of what I’ve been documenting at Indiana University. (***If you have video, like below, please use the hashtag #StruggleSession and also tag @irootsorg on Twitter.)


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