Wokeness and Postmodernism and The Church

The “conservative” Southern Baptist Convention passed a resolution allowing the use of Intersectionality and Critical Race Theory as tools for theology.

Time is fleeting, so this is going to be a digital dump of essential information. I’m going to scramble this thread a bit from Wokal DistΔnce. If you are a student of these topics (you should be), view the whole thread here. The spice will now flow:

RESOLVED, That critical race theory and intersectionality should only be employed as **analytical tools subordinate to Scripture—not as transcendent ideological frameworks…

RESOLVED, That Southern Baptists will carefully analyze how the information gleaned from these tools are employed to address social dynamics…

RESOLVED, That Southern Baptist churches and institutions repudiate the misuse of insights gained from critical race theory, intersectionality, and any unbiblical ideologies that can emerge from their use when absolutized as a worldview…


Great interview with Wokal DistΔnce that touches on this topic:

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