Hold the Republican Party’s Feet to the Fire!

iRoots.org is a grassroots media and activism training site for the Liberty movement. Our primary goal is to arm activists with the tools and knowledge necessary for electoral success at the local, state and national level.

We are developing a comprehensive training curriculum for effective activism at all levels of government. This training will apply proven techniques from sales and marketing to the electoral process. You can see a draft of part one of this training here. When completed, our training will be an invaluable tool for training staff and volunteers of liberty candidates and as a way to prepare participants for in-person training sessions from Campaign for Liberty, YAL and other organizations. Stay tuned for more details and a glimpse of our delivery system

Your donation will help us achieve this mission

Aaron Jones directed video for RevPAC and is the creative director of iroots.org. Aaron founded Students for Ron Paul at IU (now YAL) and, working with the Leadership Institute, started over 15 conservative and libertarian groups across the country–including YAL at UC Davis. In 2007, he worked with Operation Live Free or Die and was the videographer for the Ron Paul Blimp.

Nate Vigeant is a photographer doing professional work in California. In 2002, Nate moved to South Lake Tahoe California to be near the mountains. Since then, he has studied economics at the University of California in Davis and is now living in L.A. He has worked as a photojournalist and sports photographer for the California Aggie, while traveling around the world to take on other projects.

Check out Nate’s photos of the recent Ron Paul rally that he documented at UC Davis, here.

Beyond bringing you high quality journalism and media, we will be providing ready-to-use activism tools, such as a survey for evaluating future liberty candidates.
Our mission, in short, is to hold the Republican party’s feet to the fire.
  • Gain positive media attention with creative activism.
  • Great interviews, artfully done.
  • Finish our documentary on the 2012 primaries.
  • Network and share best practices in effective activism.
  • Finish interviews for our online activism training course.
This last week we have been diligently covering events at the RNC convention from a constitutional conservative and libertarian perspective. We run on 100% grassroots donations and have no ties to think-tanks or PACS. Will you make a donation to help us continue this work?

Thanks, this last week, we raised over $190! Read more about our overall goals here.
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