Sarah Palin and Ron Paul vs. Romney and the GOP Establishment

It was an error for the Republicans to bring in New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as the key speaker at their convention. While all of the excitement and adventure in politics in the last three years has been among conservatives, Christie is the great, faithless bet against conservatives’ future and a futile attempt to institutionalize the past. (Christie has a record of supporting gun control and other establishment causes.)

At CPAC events these last three years, up to 40 percent of young conservatives yearned for Ron Paul and Judge Andrew Napolitano; STATES’ RIGHTS, SOUND MONEY AND CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT. The other 60 percent — the National Review crowd, the neocons, the Bush apparatus, the entire Eastern Conservative Establishment — could think only of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. Christie is their front man, as animated and clownish as a carny barker at the Dixie Classic. Going into the future, conservatives hold all the cards. But they chose the past…

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Here’s some video (for RevPAC) took of Ron Paul supporters at CPAC this year:

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