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Wednesday 8/29/2012

ALERT. This Live Blog has been archived. Click HERE for the new post for Thursday 8/30 2012.

2.30 am Aaron Jones:

Biggest applause of the night–and happy to see that others are reporting it too..

Republicans and Democrats alike must slay their sacred cowsRepublicans must acknowledge that not every dollar spent on the military is necessary or well-spent, and Democrats must admit that domestic welfare and entitlements must be reformed.

Republicans and Democrats must replace fear with confidence, confidence that no terrorist, and no country, will ever conquer us if we remain steadfast to the principles of our Founding documents.

We have nothing to fear except our own unwillingness to defend what is naturally ours, our God-given rights. We have nothing to fear that should cause us to forget or relinquish our rights as free men and women.

To thrive we must believe in ourselves again, and we must never — never — trade our liberty for any fleeting promise of security.

1.37 am Lori Bolduc:

A comment sent to us from Lori Bolduc. (Tip, if you register with our site and want to make a comment for the live blog, you must click “add new” under “Live Blog Entries” on the far left of the dashboard you see when you log in. To register with the site, see the instructions on the top of this page.)

Over all I think the country is sidetracked and blinded by everything we are made to not only watch and read but what we are asked to understand about said material. Many people do not want to face all of the hurdles not only America is facing but the Earth as a whole so the population has been self medicating instead by absorbing in fiction, drugs, alcohol and, money. Ron Paul stands for those of Us who arent afraid to look at these issues and NEED to make difference in our communities. He is a good man He is strong He doesnt change what He says or thinks based on what others are saying He is the only thing that stands between America and the beginning of the end of everything We stand for as AMERICANS.


11.32 pm Matt:

Slate article on Ron Paul Delegates walking out of convention. 

10.29 pm Matt:

Paul Ryan taking the stage now.

10.26 pm Matt:

Ron Paul Won – Huffington Post

10.20 pm Matt:

On the rule change:

“Witnesses say that Teleprompter scrolled “the ayes have it” even before the voice vote was taken. Also, video of the rule change vote at the Republican National Convention shows that the vote seemed to be a toss up with no clear winner and yet the ayes were immediately declared winners. This declaration was drowned out by loud booing. Also, before John Boehner called for the vote he asked if there were any objections and there were clearly people who objects and yet John Boehner said there were none.”

10.16 pm Matt:

What John McCain used to be saying about Mitt Romney.

10.15 pm Matt:

Was anyone else disturbed by McCain following Rand Paul at the convention? Talk about contrast.

10.11 pm Matt:

Ron Paul Delegates & Friends Stage Protest, March Off Floor!

10.09 pm Matt:

Rand Paul’s full speech at the GOP convention.

8.52 pm Aaron Jones:

Video and full text of Senator Rand’s speech. LINK.

8.13 pm Aaron Jones:

From Rand Paul’s speech. (Subtle nod to blind militarism)

“Republicans and Democrats alike must slay their sacred cows…Republicans must acknowledge that not every dollar spent on the military is necessary or well-spent, and Democrats must admit that domestic welfare and entitlements must be reformed…
Republicans and Democrats must replace fear with confidence, confidence that no terrorist, and no country, will ever conquer us if we remain steadfast to the principles of our Founding documents…”

8.05 pm Aaron Jones:

The video played in tribute to Ron Paul at the RNC tonight…

7.51 pm Aaron Jones:

TAMPA, Fla. — While Ron Paul is not speaking at the Republican convention, the RNC agreed to air a tribute video praising his role in the party.

“Ron Paul: 22 years in Congress, he’s never voted for a tax increase. Never voted or a debt ceiling increase, never waivered, never backed down,” the video’s narrator intoned at the beginning.

Paul has not endorsed Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan voted for the most recent debt-ceiling increase.

The video then went on to air clips of Republican politicians in the House and Senate, including Sens. Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Mitch McConnell and Jim DeMint, praising Paul’s small-government activism.

“The longer we go and the deeper in debt we get the more apparent it was that Ron Paul was right all those years,” DeMint said.

6.03 pm

Rand Paul is set to speak at 7:30pm…

Video tribute to his father at 7pm…

3.17 pm Aaron Jones:

campaign ad flashback:

3.09 pm Aaron Jones:

Rumors floating around that Ron Paul delegates will stage a walk-out after Rand speaks or when Romney speaks…

3.08 pm Aaron Jones:

Lew Rockwell claims Ron Paul, Carol and a granddaughter left Tampa yesterday and were (semi?) detained by TSA:

I like Lew Rockwell, but this sounds a bit over the top–hopefully we will have confirmation from Paul.

3.03 pm

Tonight around 7pm the Ron Paul tribute video will be aired at the Republican National Convention, followed by a short speech by Rand Paul around 7:30pm ET. (See live stream videos above)

2.35 pm

via Senator Rand Paul:
My speech for tonight at the RNC Convention has been moved to 7:30 Eastern Time.

12.13 pm Aaron Jones:

Heartfelt interview from Bryan Daughtry, delegate from Maine:

I interviewed Bryan when I was covering the caucuses in Maine.

11.13 am Aaron Jones:

Hot mic catches unknown Republican official praising censorship of Ron Paul’s votes

10.40 am Aaron Jones:

Wednesday: MSNBC abandons GOP convention during every speech by a minority

Read more:

11.19 pm Aaron Jones:

Chris Christie was the final speaker tonight. May not agree with his record, but you can’t deny his public speaking ability. Aspiring liberty candidates, take note.

9.19 pm

via Nonna at the Daily Paul:

After the desperate measures the GOP elites took to destroy any chance of a Ron Paul presidency, they will forever be known as cowards (and much worse). The cowards orchestrated this disaster of their own the making very well.

Dr. Paul’s speech today at the Sun Dome laid it all out there. WE WILL become the GOP in the near future. The Movement towards Liberty continues on and on, even after the elites close down their little convention that shut out the greatest American Patriot of our time.

There is so much we still have to talk about. Never has any political figure been so loved as Ron Paul. Dr. Paul said the Movement will continue and there is no stopping it now. So, let’s remember that, have fun and celebrate, and keep moving together!

This clip, taken totally out of context, sums it all up very nicely. Older people will remember this scene and young people should enjoy it now, too.

8.44 pm Aaron Jones:

Video of protest erupting from the floor earlier in the day when the RNC forced thru rules…
and refusing to seat elected Ron Paul delegates.

8.32 pm Aaron Jones:

Video compilation of delegate votes for Ron Paul.

8.28 pm Aaron Jones:

James O’Keefe not allowed to fly to Tampa

Read more:

7.31 pm Aaron Jones:

Rand will speak in primetime tomorrow.  Some time between 7-8pm EST.

7:00 p.m. Convention convenes
Call to order
Introduction of Colors by Amputee Veterans of America Support Team (AVAST)
Pledge of Allegiance by Brigadier General Patrick E. Rea, US Army (Ret.)
National Anthem sung by Ayla Brown
Invocation by Ishwar Singh
Ron Paul Video
Remarks by Senate Republican Leader and Convention Temporary Chairman Mitch McConnell (KY)
Remarks by Senator Rand Paul (KY)
Remarks by Christopher Devlin-Young and Jeanine McDonnell
8:00 p.m. Remarks by Senator John McCain (AZ)
Remarks by Attorney General Pam Bondi (FL) and Attorney General Sam Olens (GA)
Remarks by Governor Bobby Jindal (LA)
Remarks by Senator John Thune (SD)
Remarks by Senator Rob Portman (OH)
9:00 p.m. Remarks by Governor Luis Fortuno (PR)
Remarks by Governor Tim Pawlenty (MN)
Bush 41, 43 Film
Remarks by Mike Huckabee
10:00 p.m. Remarks by Condoleezza Rice

7.08 pm Aaron Jones:

Final Delegate Floor Count

via Daily Paul (

Mitt Romney – 2061
Ron Paul – 190
Abstain – 18
Rick Santorum – 9
Buddy Roehmer – 1
Jon Huntsman – 1
Michelle Bachmann – 1


The following states cast at least 1 vote for Ron Paul:

Alaska (9)
Arizona (3)
Georgia (3)
Hawaii (3)
Iowa (22)
Louisiana (12)
Maine (10)
Michigan (4)
Minnesota (33)
Missouri (4)
Nevada (17)
New Hampshire (3)
North Carolina (7)
North Dakota (5)
Oklahoma (6)
New Jersey (4)
Pennsylvania (5)
Rhode Island (4)
South Carolina (1)
Texas (20)
Vermont (4)
Virginia (3)
Virgin Islands (1)
Washington (5)
Wisconsin (1)
Wyoming (1)

6.30 pm Aaron Jones:

Big shout-out to the Daily Paul for linking to our Live Blog!

Grassroots site for all things Ron Paul and more!

Another great source for breaking news…

RNC Live Streams:

Talk Streams:

Live Blogs:

Click Here for Convention Schedule

4.56 pm Aaron Jones:

Appearing on Fox News’ Your World on Tuesday afternoon, Congressman Ron Paul reiterated to host Neil Cavuto the reasons why he has not officially endorsed the Mitt Romney / Paul Ryan presidential ticket and why he does not view vice presidential candidate Ryan as a serious budget cutter.

4.50 pm Aaron Jones:

Morton Blackwell: FAKE GOP Convention Compromise. Conservatives Must Not Back Down! Demand Roll Call Vote! | Texas GOP Vote
via – Judge Napolitano

4.11 pm Aaron Jones:

Live video from Rob Pepe on the floor of RNC
rumors of a walk out brewing…

Stream videos at Ustream

4.07 pm Matt Wolf:

This is older news but proof that this isn’t just Ron Paul supporters reporting…
Congressman Glen Bradley’s page:

Glen is tweeting that Morton Blackwell, author of the Rules Committee Minority Report, is being detained with rest of the Virginia delegation. Also that buses weren’t sent to pick up the Iowa delegation. Chris Stearns of Virginia tweets that Virginia and Rhode Island buses are being blocked outside the security perimeter.

3.54 pm Aaron Jones:

Are you enjoying/following our Live Blog? Our ChipIn is looking kinda lonely…

We raised 200 over the last 2 weeks and we thank you very much! Be assured, your donation will help us build resources that will result in HQ and effective activism.

3.47 pm Aaron Jones:

via Kristi Dunn: In plan English this means that we beat the lastest set of rules changes, trying to make it is the presumed nominee can PICK the seated delegates. At least that is some good news.

Per @Jeremy Blosser:

“A deal has reportedly been cut on the rules report. They’ll pull back 16b in exchange for no other minority reports being offered, ie no minority report in 12. This is not good enough and we need to double down on asking people to vote NO on the entire report.”

Mr. Morton C. Blackwell of Virginia authored the minority report on the Rules, which we will seek to adopt to preserve the rules as formerly written.

3.43 pm Aaron Jones:

Ron Paul on the convention floor via Jason Mcclanahan. Video


3.09 pm Aaron Jones:

Video of Ron Paul entering the RNC convention floor.

2.31 pm Aaron Jones:

pic from CSPAN

Watching live now:
also Youtube:

2.12 pm Aaron Jones:

via Arizona Liberty Van walking into the convention to the sound of RON PAUL! chanting…

2.03 pm Aaron Jones:

Trust me, you’ll want to watch the stream of Ron Paul tweets right now. He is trending, as they say…
Look here:

Also this:

Ron Paul entered the room of the Republican National Convention with a lei given by the Hawaii delegation. The crowd erupted in chants for “President Paul.” Fox News’ Megyn Kelly cut her segment short because she could not be heard over the chants for the presidential contender. They are now chanting “Let Him Speak!” We were marginalized and overlooked and underestimated for too long. We responded by taking over conventions at the state level, organizing the greatest grassroots network since the American Revolution and spreading a message that would change the tone of the GOP. It’s been 15 minutes and the chants have not stopped. I have never been so proud to be a part of something in my life. RNC Delegate, Andrew Dellinger.

1.43 pm Aaron Jones:

Ron Paul walks out on the RNC convention floor….

1.24 pm Matt:

CSPAN is LIVE now on the convention floor.

8.45 am Aaron Jones:

Check out the schedule from CSPAN. CSPAN Radio is taking calls:

3.04 am Aaron Jones:

Ron Paul Supporters Make the NYT morning of delayed start of convention!

Posted by Benoît, Ron Paul supporter in France.

2.04 am

Oh, Isaac. How good you’ve been to the Ron Paul Revolution! You’ve got to read this one from NPR.

1.13 am Aaron Jones:


What do Sarah Palin, Ron Paul Supporters, Michelle Malkin, Ben Swann and FreedomWorks have in common?



12.59 am Matt:

Paul Ryan says “Ron Paul is a friend of mine”

12.33 am Matt:

Chris Matthews is in Tampa, race baiting as usual. Thought it was interesting how Newt turned the tables on Chris in this interview.

6.12 pm Aaron Jones:

This photo submitted by Anna Flatt pretty much sums up the mood of Ron Paul supporters on the floor of the convention for a few short hours today.


Hurricane Paul |

11.39 am Aaron Jones:

Mega Updates:

Watch video by delegate Matt McDonald of today’s Ron Paul (private) breakfast:


Sarah Palin lukewarm on Romney: (FOX)

When asked if she would consider creating a third party if neither Gov. Romney nor President Obama would budge from their current positions on a variety of issues, Palin left open the door.
“Look what happened in the mid 1800’s. The Whig party went away and the Republican Party surfaced. Because the electorate got sick and tired of the party fighting for power and not doing the will of the people.”
Palin went on to say history could repeat itself.


Morton Blackwell = HERO
The revolt’s leaders include key figures in the conservative movement and on the committee. Virginia delegate and longtime RNC member Morton Blackwell, a former Reagan aide who founded a conservative training academy called the Leadership Institute, called them the “worst-ever changes” to the party rules. In an email to delegates to the convention, Blackwell urging them to vote for the amendment to the Rules Committee report referred to as the committee’s minority report.
“If the Rules Committee Report were to pass without adoption of the Minority Reports, it would amount to a power grab by Washington, D.C. party insiders and consultants designed to silence the voice of state party activists and Republican grassroots,” he said.
To force a roll call vote on the minority report, the opponents must secure the backing of a majority of six delegations, setting the stage for a rare floor flight on Tuesday afternoon.

8.55 am Aaron Jones:

Great list of Paul supporters and delegates on the ground in Tampa to watch:

8.49 am Aaron Jones:

Photos from last night’s beach party at Whiskey Joe’s.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

3.56 am

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., will stay in his schedule Wednesday evening speaking spot, to be followed by Kentucky’s junior senator, Rand Paul. The pair is slated to speak sometime between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Paul had been on the now-jettisoned Monday night schedule.

Convention officials remained cautious about the new schedule as well, saying theye could be other changes, depending upon the weather and the aftermath of the storm.

Party officials even left open the possibility that the convention could extend to Friday, a day beyond its scheduled closing.

2.17 am Aaron Jones:

Jeremy Richter (bravely) weighs in on the Jesse Benton bashing…

2.10 am

Posted by Joη over at DailyPaul.

1.10 am Aaron Jones:

New York Times article on the rally.

12.52 am Matt Wolf:

Maine Ron Paul supporters say they’ll appeal delegates decision, call for convention boycott

10.01 pm Aaron Jones:

I think you’ll find this amusing. This comes from a Romney supporting twitter account.


O, remember?…

[vsw id=”qhm-22Q0PuM” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

9.54 pm Aaron Jones:

A Texas Ron Paul delegate was interviewed about their delegation’s matching t-shirts…

9.43 pm Aaron Jones:

See above (refresh your browser) for video of Ron Paul’s speech and CSPAN has the full archive of video up.

4.51 pm Aaron Jones:

Ron Paul is in the building…Rand Paul is introducing him now.

3.30 pm Aaron Jones:

U.S. Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) Speaking Now.
Session VI: ‘Musical Performances’
John Popper of Blues Traveler with Ron Noyes
Guitar Legend Jimmy Vaughan

Session VII: ‘An Idea Whose Time Has Come: We Are The Future’
Aimee Allen – Ron Paul Anthem
Carol Paul – Honored with ‘First Lady of Liberty’ Award
U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) – Introduction
U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) – Keynote

3.21 pm Aaron Jones:

From Arizona Liberty Van

2.30 pm Aaron Jones:

Ron Paul Rally (now in progress)

Session III: ‘Calling the GOP Back to Its Roots: Constitutional Conservatism’
Jordan Page – Revelushun Records Singer/Songwriter
Barry Goldwater, Jr.
Jack Hunter – Ron Paul 2012 Official Campaign Blogger

Session IV: ‘Liberty Torch Bearers: State & Local’
(2:30pm ET) Ashley Ryan – Age 21, Republican National Committeewoman (Maine)
Carl Bunce – Ron Paul 2012 Nevada Campaign Chairman
Donna Holt – Campaign for Liberty
Marianne Stebbins – Ron Paul 2012 Minnesota Campaign Chair
A.J. Spiker, (former) Ron Paul 2012 Iowa Campaign Vice-Chair

Session V: ‘The Republican Party’s Liberty Wing’
South Carolina State Sen. Tom Davis (R)
U.S. Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.)

Session VI: ‘Musical Performances’
John Popper of Blues Traveler with Ron Noyes
Guitar Legend Jimmy Vaughan

Session VII: ‘An Idea Whose Time Has Come: We Are The Future’
Aimee Allen – Ron Paul Anthem
Carol Paul – Honored with ‘First Lady of Liberty’ Award
U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) – Introduction
U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) – Keynote

Alternate links:

2.36 am Aaron Jones:

Jordan Page and ? at P.A.U.L. Festival

2.35 am

Setting up the Ron Paul Rally stage for the pre-show.

The infamous, Matt Collins and co.

At the top of this Live Blog is a soon-to-be live streaming video of the event. (also on CSPAN 3pmish)

1.52 am Matt Wolf:

If you are a delegate, MAKE SURE YOU STILL REPORT IN ON MONDAY! The RNC is trying to trick the Paul delegates by telling them that Monday is entirely cancelled, but THAT IS NOT THE CASE!

via Reince Priebus.

11.00 pm Aaron Jones:

Take it or leave it, this is my eclectic driving music for tonight.

Good night, don’t forget that Paul speaks via c-span at 3pm tomorrow.

*Prize Alert! The first person to post a live blog submission (and I can’t know you) will get some amount of bitcoin…
(you have to register w/ the site. See top of link.)

9.04 pm

Tom Woods speaks at P.A.U.L. Festival.

8.37 pm Aaron Jones:

Lew Rockwells speech at P.A.U.L. Festival:

8.36 pm Aaron Jones:

Gary Johnson’s speech at P.A.U.L. Festival.

6.32 pm

Adam Kokesh clearly not welcomed at Ron Paul’s Sun Dome rally. Private property’s a B*%#.

6.11 pm Aaron Jones:


The announcement said that while the convention would officially be gaveled into session on Monday as scheduled, the day’s events would be cancelled until Tuesday.

That meant Romney’s formal nomination would be postponed by a day, from Monday to Tuesday… (AP)

5.13 pm

C-SPAN vista the R3VO_|UTION via Michael Maresco

4.47 pm Aaron Jones:

Why Ron Paul Will Not Speak at the RNC

Mr. Paul, in an interview, said convention planners had offered him an opportunity to speak under two conditions: that he deliver remarks vetted by the Romney campaign, and that he give a full-fledged endorsement of Mr. Romney. He declined.

It wouldn’t be my speech,” Mr. Paul said. “That would undo everything I’ve done in the last 30 years. I don’t fully endorse him for president.

In the same article, Jesse Benton again signaled that he hopes Paul delegates take regular doses of Ritalin, while attending the convention:

 Mr. Paul’s campaign chairman, Jesse Benton, acknowledged the frustrations that the Paul high command had been forced to manage.

Some true believers want to “dress in black, stand on a hill and say, ‘Smash the state,’ ” said Mr. Benton, who is married to one of Mr. Paul’s granddaughters. But “it’s not our desire to have floor demonstrations. That would cost us a lot more than it would get us.”

3.20 pm Matt Wolf:

Major Drama At The GOP Convention Friday, And It Ended With John Sununu Fleeing The Building

 TAMPA, FLA. — The GOP convention doesn’t officially start until Monday, but trouble is already brewing between presumptive nominee Mitt Romney and Republicans who are concerned by his campaign’ making an aggressive power play to control the party. 

The drama Friday centered around a contentious meeting of the powerful Rules Committee, where Romney’s campaign lieutenants, led by his legal counsel Ben Ginsberg, pushed through several changes that would give Romney broad authority over the Republican nominating process. 

“The rules say that you have an hour after the meeting, but within 15 minutes, we couldn’t find him anywhere,” Ryan, a Ron Paul supporter and member of Maine’s delegation, said. “Finally, we asked an RNC offical if they had seen former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu? He said, ‘John Sununu! Everyone’s looking for him! But he left the building.'”

The details around Sununu’s Friday dip are still foggy, and it’s unclear if he ended up receiving the minority reports after all. Convention officials have not yet responded to our email asking for comment.

2.57 pm Aaron Jones:

BREAKING: Sarah Palin (pretty much) endorses Mitt Romney

This year is a good opportunity for other voices to speak at the convention and I’m excited to hear them. As I’ve repeatedly said, I support Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in their efforts to replace President Obama at the ballot box, and I intend to focus on grassroots efforts to rally Independents and the GOP base to elect Senate and House members so a wise Congress is ready to work with our new President to get our country back on the right path.

Neil Armstrong dies at age 82.


2.52 pm Aaron Jones:

ISAAC SET TO POUND... Advisory... UPDATE: Computer Models... UPDATE: TRACK MAP... SATELLITE...
via Drudge


2.17 pm

Walter Block speaking now on live stream, above. 3:16pm EST.

If you are a college student, get involved with YAL or another organization (Young Republicans?) and bring him to speak on your campus. It will drive your professors crazy!

1.54 pm Aaron Jones:


Live video by Ustream

8.45 am Matt Wolf:

TheReturnofLurker15 lays it down:

7.02 am

Rand Paul Delivers Weekly Republican Address On Solutions To America’s Problems

Is this an indicator of the style of Rand’s speech at the RNC convention on Monday night?

I’m holding out hope that Rand will address the power grab by the establishment to remove the delegate/caucus system from states like Iowa. This change will effect Rand’s potential run in 2016. If you get a chance to speak to Rand at the Ron Paul rally on Sunday, ask him to address the rule changes away from republican traditions.

Take a poll on Rand Paul’s Senate performance here (scroll down).

4.33 am Aaron Jones:


Ron Paul will speak to a live national audience via coverage from C-SPAN on Sunday, Aug 26th at 3pm ET from the University of South Florida’s 17,000 seat Sun Dome. The event is themed as a constitutional conservative and libertarian friendly alternative to the official GOP convention. Ron Paul, himself, is calling it “the speech the RNC doesn’t want the rest of America to hear.”

The event is titled, “We are the Future,” and will feature numerous speakers including Doug Wead, Congressman Justin Amash, Barry Goldwater, Jr., Jack Hunter, SC State Senator Tom Davis and Senator Rand Paul with musical performances by Jimmie Vaughan, Aimee Allen, Jordan Page, and John Popper of Blues Traveler (with Ron Noyes).



3.06 am

Romney Fears Ron Paul Forces at GOP Convention; Wants to be Nominated Early

2.34 am Aaron Jones:

Power Grab: RNC Passes Rule Giving Itself Power To Change Any Rule Without Delegate Vote.

Republican officials have voted to change the way the party will nominate its presidential candidates in future elections in an effort to ensure that delegates to the national convention are bound by the outcome of states’ primaries and caucuses.

It’s more than a technicality. The change — which was passed by the Republican National Convention Committee but still needs to be approved at the convention — would make it nearly impossible in the future for rebellious Republican presidential candidates like Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) to rack up substantial delegate support in states, when they do not win the states’ nominating contests.

Stay strong, folks, we can fight this. Contact your local Republican officials on this. This is destructive to our Republic.

1.44 am Aaron Jones:

(from yesterday) Reality Report Update from Ben Swann
GOP Establishment Fears Ron Paul Upset at the Convention

1.44 am

You can find various live streams here. When they get interesting, we will embed them here.

1.41 am Aaron Jones:

Great list of Paul supporters and delegates on the ground in Tampa to watch:

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