Lindsey Graham: Ron Paul Policies a “Threat to America”

Now, it’s possible that Senator Graham was referring the policies of the founding fathers being a threat to King George of Great Britain. We are waiting for clarification…

Here’s the quote from David Weigel of Slate who, for some strange reason, spent some time hanging out with Senator Graham as he took a break from planning finishing touches on the Death Star.

(David Weigel) asked him whether (Edward) Snowden’s donations to Ron Paul were the sort of warning signs vetters should have looked out for.

No, no,” said Graham. “I think people that give donations to Ron Paul are exercising their right to participate in the political process. Ron Paul isn’t a threat to America. His policies are.

This seems like a great opportunity to do a retrospective on everybody’s favorite Senator from South Carolina. The man who puts the ‘con’ in Neocon: Lindsey Graham! There is some debate on whether the senator should be classified as a “RetroCon,” but I’m no stickler for semantics.

If I thought censoring the mail was necessary, I would suggest it, but I don’t think it is.

On Drones

I don’t care if it’s an American citizen or not, under the law of war that doesn’t matter (Link).

So really the men and women who pull the trigger on drones and who drop bombs, I know them. I know the pains they go through to prevent collateral damage. Uh, I really…we’re not the SS…we’re a very ethical military. The thought that goes into targeting people is, uh, incredible…

On Senator Rand Paul’s filibuster of drone policy…

Making light of Senator Paul’s recent filibuster, Senator Graham offered to give 1 million dollars “if you or your family is killed by a drone.”


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