Hannity and Evelyn Farkas’ latest interview on PBS


Today, Evelyn Farkas was a featured guest on WGBH/PBS and continued to make conspiratorial accusations against the Trump administration. At 8:51, she is asked about her infamous comments on MSNBC and claims she wasn’t talking about leaks.

Only problem is, her original comments, damning enough in many eyes, ended with her exclaiming, “Yeah, that’s why you have the leaking.”

In the PBS clip, notice how everything is framed as left vs. right. That’s not true. There are many voices on the left unconvinced by this overblown Russia paranoia. I imagine they share my view that this represents a war over influence within the Deep State/CIA and the foreign policy establishment. You have folks who have spent 10+ years advocating for regime change in Syria. You know, because Iraq and Libya went so well! It’s not exactly a political bias, they just can’t stand a non-establishment person in the White House.

Like this guy:

If you’re new to this story (or my blog), take a quick look at my first post on this issue.

This is all getting super cereal…

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