Ron Paul and Why We Should Declare War

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Ron Paul insists that the U.S. government shouldn’t go to war without a declaration of war by Congress. His son Rand has also taken this position, as have a few other libertarian-leaning Republican candidates. The U.S. Constitution delegates the declaration of war power to the Congress, but they have not exercised this power since WWII.

Why is this important?

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Most people misunderstand the declaration of war power as “permission” to start a war. By that definition, George W. Bush argued that H.J. Res. 114 (October 16, 2002) fulfilled this constitutional requirement regarding the Iraq War. With that resolution, Congress authorized the president to use military force in the war on terror.

The declaration of war power is not the power to start a war. It is the power to declare that a state of war already exists. This can only be true if the nation in question has committed overt acts of war against the United States.

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Of course, most of the public is clueless about the historical context involved in this debate. One of the reasons that Ron Paul inspires such passionate support is his willingness to talk about philosophical principles like the Just War Theory of Christianity. Who does that? That’s why we love him! It’s our job to spread this message

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