Bullets Planted in Luggage of Ron Paul RNC Delegate

Jackie Gloor, Ron Paul’s district director from Texas and also a Texas District 27 delegate for Paul, was interviewed by a Ron Paul supporter at the airport in Tampa. In the YouTube video embedded below uploaded by the interviewer, VegasPatriot, Jackie recounts her story claiming bullets were planted in her luggage during her stay at the Saddlebrook Resort in Tampa.

Jackie Gloor’s words from the interview in the video:

When I left the Saddlebrook to take my roommate to the airport and came back, it was apparent someone had been in my room. There was a report made, someone had entered my room three times when I was not there. They did an inventory…nothing of real importance was taken…I had already packed my carry on and when I got to the airport this morning, bullets were found in my luggage. I was detained and told that I was going to be arrested by the TSA. But after further deliberation, I mentioned that I worked for Congressman Paul and [that I] wanted to call him and they let me go.

Jackie also said she does not have a copy of the police report.

Somebody went to a lot of trouble to put bullets in my luggage and that’s the message I’m trying to get out: we’ve got to be careful because these people will stop at nothing.

A video of Jackie can also be found of her addressing a Tea Party rally in 2009 here.

If anyone can find online access to the police report, it would perhaps shed more light on the story. Check back for more developments.

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